Live webinars are every 1-2 months, and all start at 7 pm EST for approximately 2 hours. Students must participate in the live webinar in order to receive CME credit. If a live webinar is missed, the student is required to listen to the recording but will not be eligible for CME credits.

Faculty for the online webinars include Geo Espinosa, ND; Crystal Silas, MD; Chanchal Cabrera, RH; and Michael Friedman, ND. Please see the Faculty page for details about these accomplished physicians and educators.


Date Presentations Speaker
Tuesday 6/11/19 Pain Management with Botanical Medicine for Injury, Pain and Inflammation
Berberine and Curcumin: Evidence-Based Review
Eugene Zampieron, ND
Jillian Stansbury, ND
Thursday 7/11/19 Restorative Medicine Herbs for Men’s Health (2 hours) Geo Espinosa, ND
8/13/19 or 8/15/19 TBD TBD
Tuesday 10/15/19 Restorative Medicine Herbs for Type 1 & 2 Diabetes
Herbal Support for PCOS
Jillian Stansbury, ND
Thursday 11/14/19 Evidence-Based Review of Vitamin K
Lion’s Mane for Cognitive Decline
Kate Rheum Blue, ND
Thursday 1/16/20 Restorative Medicine Herbs for Oncology (2 hours) Chanchal Cabrera, RH
Tuesday 2/11/20 Restorative Medicine Herbs for Oncology (1 hour)
Case Studies in Oncology
Chanchal Cabrera, RH
Michael Friedman, ND
Thursday 3/19/20 TBD TBD
Tuesday 4/14/20 Herbal Mechanisms for Restorative Medicine Protocols TBD