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You can start listening to the on-demand recordings that are listed in the Modules Menu under “Foundations of Herbal Medicine Module: Herb Pharmacology”.

You can download the Course Syllabus, which will provide a summary of the module and each recording.

The recorded presentations for Herb Pharmacology Module are listed on the  right.

Download the powerpoints for each presentation, listed above each recording.

After you listen to the recording, click on the quiz listed under the video. You must pass each quiz with 75% or  better.

In the Herb Pharmacology course, the first three recordings and quizzes are required to be completed. The last two recordings in the list are focused on traditional herbalism and are optional.

You can track your progress in this program on this profile page. In the list of  modules, click on the triangle and it will open up your progress report for that topic.

The Herb Pharmacology courses must be completed prior to the Spring Conference.